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Top 5 Places People Travel on a Scooter in Nepal

Nepal is a land of breathtaking natural beauty, cultural diversity, and adventure, offering a unique travel experience to visitors worldwide. With its varied landscapes and different climates, the country is home to many stunning destinations. You can easily explore the land with a scooter in Nepal for the best travel...
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Common Petrol Scooter Problems in Nepal

Although petrol scooters are inexpensive and fuel-efficient, they are still prone to some mechanical issues, just like any other automobile. Scooter engines, drive trains, motors, and gas problems are the most vulnerable to problems. Engine Problem: Engine problems are mostly caused by water in the gasoline, a loose spark plug,...
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Electric Scooters – Revolution Or A Fad?

Today, even big automobile companies that for decades manufactured gasoline-dependent vehicles produce Electric Vehicles. For many years, electric vehicles were little more than a thing of curiosity, with early adopters restricted to a few models and brands. Sales of electric vehicles increased rapidly for two consecutive years in 2021 and...
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Electric Vehicle Tax In Nepal and EVs

From the fiscal year 2079–2080, the Nepali government has imposed a new tax rate on electric and Fossil Fuel powered automobiles. For fossil fuel-powered vehicles  CC determines the tax rate. As for EVs, Watt determines how much electric vehicle tax in Nepal is levied. Why Do We Need To Pay...
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KOMAKI Electric Scooter – Addressing All Your Needs

Electric Scooter in Nepal has currently been one of the most common means of commuting in urban Nepal. They are not only lightweight, easy, and convenient to ride, but they are also well-designed and equipped with smart modern features. With Electric Scooters taking over in urban Nepal, Komaki Electric Scooter...
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