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KOMAKI Electric Scooter – Addressing All Your Needs

Electric Scooter in Nepal has currently been one of the most common means of commuting in urban Nepal. They are not only lightweight, easy, and convenient to ride, but they are also well-designed and equipped with smart modern features. With Electric Scooters taking over in urban Nepal, Komaki Electric Scooter has been the first choice for many due to its better specs, better quality, and mainly, the wide array of options it offers.

If you are just starting to look into the world of Electric Scooters, prepare to be shocked by the number of E-scooter options by Komaki.

We have always been a firm believer in “SABAI KO LAGI, KOMAKI”. So we have got something for everyone-Something for every Age group, Something for every type of rider, and Something for every budget.

Our wide range of Electric Scooters includes:


1. Komaki SE 

Komaki SE is majorly focused on Riding Enthusiasts who want Thrill, Style, and Adventure in their ride.

Due to its incredibly powerful motor, its powerful battery, and its powerful build, there are no roads you can’t conquer: Be it Stiff Roads, Be it Off-Roads, or Be it Winding Roads.

This is why the performance of Komaki SE, for a long time now, has been highly appreciated on the roads of the Hilly region of Nepal.

Komaki Electric Scooter - Model SE


2. Komaki Venice 

Komaki Venice, with its perfect Italian Retro Look, is perfect for all the Retro Lovers out there.

But it’s not only about its look, it’s also about its all incredible features, that make it a worthy buy for you.

Our Komaki EV Products

Introducing the innovative latest-gen Electric Scooter in Nepal.

Along with its incredible Motor, Battery, and Range, Komaki Venice also comes with a Smart BMS (Battery Management System) and Komaki’s very own app that allows you to track your battery health with just a click.

Komaki Electric Scooter - Model Venice


3. Komaki Venice Eco

Komaki Venice Eco was designed and produced by keeping Daily Commutation in mind. It’s adequate Range for daily commutation and its adequate pricing ensures that you get your Daily Commutation within your budget.


4. Komaki Venice Ultra 

Komaki Venice Ultra is the revolutionizing Scooter with which we intend to bring the change the way Nepal needs.

Unlike any other Electric Scooter in Nepal, Komaki Venice Ultra offers a massive range of 300 KM/Charge. It is perfect for the longer type of rides, that we often talk about.

But wait, it’s not only about its Range. It’s also about its Motor, its Battery, and all those features that it possesses.



5. Komaki DT 3000 

Komaki DT is for those who want more Power and Stability in their Rides.

From its power-packed Motor and Battery to the comfort of the seat, Komaki DT 3000 is  made for every ride and every road.

Komaki Electric Scooter - Model DT 3000


6. Komaki LY 

Komaki LY is our other budget-friendly Scooter focused on Daily Commutation. 

But being within a budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on anything. Komaki LY is available with LiFePo4 Battery, Anti-Skid Technology, and many other Smart Features that will really make Komaki LY, a worthy buy for you.

With Komaki LY, you pay less and get more. 

Say, If you’re not interested in Electric Scooter. Well, you don’t need to worry about that too because we also have an Electric Bike for you.


7. Komaki Ranger 

If you’re interested in this Electric World of Transportation, and if you’re tilted towards bikes, Komaki Ranger will definitely be a perfect choice for you.

Komaki Ranger is a Power Personified.

It comes with a powerful motor, a powerful battery, powerful tires, a powerful build, and all this, ensuring you nothing short of a Powerful Ride.



As we said earlier, there’s something for everyone. 

For people who want Electric 2-Wheelers for Daily Commutation, we have Komaki Venice Eco and Komaki LY. And for those who want it for Longer Rides, we have Komaki Venice Ultra and Komaki Ranger. 

Similarly, based on different criteria, Komaki has something for you, as it is the best electric scooter in nepal


If you are trying to get a Komaki Electric 2-Wheeler for yourself, and still feel confused about what to choose, feel free to reach us so that we can help you.

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