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Common Petrol Scooter Problems in Nepal

Although petrol scooters are inexpensive and fuel-efficient, they are still prone to some mechanical issues, just like any other automobile. Scooter engines, drive trains, motors, and gas problems are the most vulnerable to problems.

Engine Problem:

Engine problems are mostly caused by water in the gasoline, a loose spark plug, or a clogged air or gas filter. Problems in the scooter’s air cleaner, throttle cable, chain, tire pressure, or drive belts can cause the engine to lag.


Drive Train: Power Generator:

Bad throttle cable or a tight drive chain can cause many problems in fuel-driven scooters. Some drive-train issues cause the scooter to move while the engine is idling, causing it to take off on its own when the engine is revved. 



If you haven’t used your scooter in a while, you may face motor problems, which usually manifest themselves through sounds.

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In 60 days the gas in a scooter’s tank might become stale. The stale gas can cause difficulty in starting the scooter. Stale gas might cause other issues, such as gum in the carburetor jets.


Switching to Electric Scooter

If you have frequent mechanical problems with your petrol-fueled scooter, switching to electric scooters can be a good solution. It is widely accepted that Electric scooters need less maintenance. The battery, motor, and associated electronics need no regular maintenance. An electric scooter also does not need fluids, such as engine oil. Electric vehicles do not have nearly as many mechanical parts or components as regular internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. As a result, EV maintenance is significantly less expensive.


Yes, there are a few regular things you’ll have to do in the best Electric scooter in Nepal as you would on any vehicle. You will need to regularly maintain your scooter’s tire and air pressure. Yet, the biggest “maintenance” aspect of an electric vehicle is its battery. How to maintain a battery? Make sure your battery never runs out of power, make sure it never completely dies. 

 Also sometimes an EV engine may heat up. One explanation for this could be that the scooter is drawing too much electricity from the battery, causing the battery and engine to overheat. If the scooter is being ridden in a very hot environment, the engine may overheat due to the heat from the surroundings.


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