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Electric Scooters – Revolution Or A Fad?

Today, even big automobile companies that for decades manufactured gasoline-dependent vehicles produce Electric Vehicles. For many years, electric vehicles were little more than a thing of curiosity, with early adopters restricted to a few models and brands.

Sales of electric vehicles increased rapidly for two consecutive years in 2021 and 2022 internationally. As automobile companies introduce more models and dozens of additional models are expected in every category in the next few years, we can only expect a higher number of sales in upcoming years.

Reasons Why Electric Vehicles Are Here To Stay

1. More Environment Friendly

Compared to diesel and gasoline vehicles, electric vehicles emit up to 73% and 89% less pollutants, respectively. As the public is getting more educated about the harmful effects of fossil fuel driven vehicles, interest in EV is only to grow more.

2. Scaling Up

The big automobile companies have only vowed to scale up production of Electric Vehicles. General Motors (GM) and Ford Motor Company announced they will secure sufficient EV battery materials so that they can put out more EVs in coming years.

Our Komaki EV Products

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3. Range Anxiety Removed 

With better EV models with better ranges that provide more than enough distance in a single charge for an average daily commuter, EV range anxiety has been more or less mitigated. Also, faster-charging technologies have made EVs even more desirable than they were in the past. 

After Sales Service/ Repair and Maintenance 

Another hesitation for buyers was how easy or difficult EV vehicle repair and maintenance would be. Would spare parts be readily available in case of a breakdown? 

But as government regulations & laws get better every year, automobile companies are obliged to provide quality After Sales Services to customers.  

To sum up, all these factors indicate Electric Vehicles are here to stay for the long run and are not just a temporary trend. In the context of Nepal, EV Scooters are gaining widespread popularity. Komaki EVs produce several Models of Electric Scooter in Nepal which have gained admiration from Nepalese. 


Some of the widely loved komaki EV scooters are as follows : 


Komaki Venice

Komaki Venice Eco

Komaki LY

Komaki DT 3000

Komaki SE 

Komaki SE PRO

Komaki Ranger

Komaki Venice Ultra 


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