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Electric Vehicle Tax In Nepal and EVs

From the fiscal year 2079–2080, the Nepali government has imposed a new tax rate on electric and Fossil Fuel powered automobiles. For fossil fuel-powered vehicles  CC determines the tax rate. As for EVs, Watt determines how much electric vehicle tax in Nepal is levied.

Why Do We Need To Pay Electric Vehicle Tax?

Drivers must pay Electric Vehicle Tax every year. The money raised is paid directly into the government fund, which is used for projects that benefit everyone – including road work and maintenance.

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Comparing Electric Vehicle Tax of EVs and Fossil Fuel-Driven Vehicles

Electric Vehicles Tax are significantly lower than Vehicle Tax for automobiles powered by fossil fuels. Along with other motivations like reducing air pollution, and using a sustainable energy source, a lower electric vehicle tax is an additional incentive to start using EVs.


Electric Vehicles Tax


Electric Vehicle Tax in Nepal
Electric Vehicle Tax in Nepal

Fossil Fuel Bikes and Scooters

Petrol Tax
Petrol Tax



The Nepal Government is undoubtedly incentivizing people to buy an electric vehicle (EV) with these tax rates. As Nepali people learn that driving an EV can save them lots of money, they are searching for the right EV that is available and accessible.


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