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Electric Vehicle Tax In Nepal and EVs

From the fiscal year 2079–2080, the Nepali government has imposed a new tax rate on electric and Fossil Fuel powered automobiles. For fossil fuel-powered vehicles  CC determines the tax rate. As for EVs, Watt determines how much electric vehicle tax in Nepal is levied. Why Do We Need To Pay...
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Vision towards Green Future

The Electric Era of mobility is now. We all have come to terms with this fact. A host of reasons including global warming via air pollution by fossil fuels making our city's air quality reached hazardous levels is why EVs have seen healthy growth through the years. Governments of various...
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Introducing Komaki Venice Eco

Komaki Venice Eco, the newest addition to Komaki, offers you the most Advanced Ride. Komaki brings you the best of Electric Two-wheelers with the innovation of the future to address your needs and get over the insecurities related to EVs. Want to know what could be insecurities about Electric 2-wheelers...
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