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Win a brand new Komaki Flora with an NTC Recharge

Komaki has released yet another amazing offer in collaboration with eSewa to provide you with a brand new Komaki Flora. You can now get a chance to win Komaki Flora electric scooter in Nepal by recharging a prepaid or postpaid number using eSewa. But here's the best part: there are...
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Introducing the Premiumness: Komaki Flora and Komaki LY Premium

Adding up the two new Premium Electric Scooters to the range of Electric Scooters, Komaki has to offer.   Talking about Komaki Flora, it is the perfect blend of Style, Functionality and Premiumness.   Along with its premium look and style, Komaki Flora comes loaded with an array of premium features...
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A Brand New Electric Scooter in Nepal : Introducing Komaki Flora

Attention, Nepal! Say hello to the latest addition to the market: the all-new Komaki Flora. Designed with a strong focus on environmental sustainability and economic efficiency, this New Electric Scooter in Nepal is set to revolutionize your commuting experience. Get ready to be captivated by its perfect blend of style,...
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The Economics of Electric Scooters: Cost Savings and Financial Benefits

No doubt there are many advantages of commuting by Electric Scooters-be it from the perspective of the Environment or Health or any other, but one of its major benefits is Cost Efficiency. Simply put, using an Electric Scooter in Nepal can be a huge boost to your wallet and if...
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Can EVs solve Nepal’s Air Pollution Saga?

Love is no longer in the air! It’s pollution, and we breathe the dirtiest air in the world. The Air pollution level of Kathmandu had recently crossed the safety standards and in recent years, it has been an ongoing saga. So what’s causing all this and making our daily lives...
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