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Vision towards Green Future

The Electric Era of mobility is now. We all have come to terms with this fact. A host of reasons including global warming via air pollution by fossil fuels making our city’s air quality reached hazardous levels is why EVs have seen healthy growth through the years. Governments of various countries along with Nepal providing subsidies for EVs and coming up with long-term goals of achieving an electric transport system also contribute to the shift towards EVs. 

The melting of the Glaciers up in the Himalayas due to climate change and the smog in the cities are the consequences of air pollution. 42,115 deaths in Nepal were caused by air pollution according to Nepal’s Ministry of Population and Environment whereas 94% of the world’s population is facing air pollution levels considered unsafe (annual avg PM 2.5 concentration over 5 mg per cubic meter) by WHO. The lack of proper regulation of the old petrol vehicles and policies to improve them in Nepal may also have contributed to air pollution.

Not only this, fossil fuels take up a large chunk of our budget to import and supply meanwhile the electricity we use is our own production. This makes the use of electric appliances and vehicles much more necessary to ensure our economic growth. 

Initiatives for a Green Future 

Nepal has encouraged the use of electric vehicles with the initiative of achieving a green future. The tax exemptions and participation in International conferences like the Paris Agreement to create policies further help in the goal of an electric future

Nepal has witnessed a boom in Electric Vehicles in recent times. The roads of Nepal are filled with Two-wheelers, making up more than 79% of registered vehicles in Nepal. This obsession with two-wheelers ensures the journey to a green future is through two wheels. The adaptation of Electric Two-wheelers shows that we are on the right track meanwhile, Komaki Nepal is leading the way with game-changing Electric two-wheelers. 

Our Komaki EV Products

Introducing the innovative latest-gen Electric Scooter in Nepal.

Komaki’s Support in the Journey

Of course, the path is paved by the policies made by the country, but the products with innovative technology are what make the shift possible. Komaki Nepal is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to Electric two-wheelers with its lineup of next-generation products. 

Komaki LY, Komaki SE, Komaki Venice, Komaki DT 3000, and Komaki Ranger are some of the products delivering you the best in the Nepali Electric two-wheeler market. Komaki Ranger is the first electric cruiser and other products include the best Electric Scooter in Nepal with the latest and the greatest LiFePo4 battery pack. Komaki provides a plethora of products for everyone to have what they want in electric wheels.

Komaki with its great aesthetic design and performance also created a trend among the youth for electric two-wheelers. This further makes the switch from fossil fuels to electric vehicles much more easier and affordable.

What’s Next?

The Next Step in going green would be innovation in the field of technology to ease user experience and drop the prices for the availability of affordable products. With the availability of electricity 24/7, there is no problem with charging at home and at the office. 

Komaki is driving the electric revolution with the integration of technology and looks for everyday lives making it clear that the vision towards the future is indeed green and clean.

We firmly believe every Nepali citizen would join forces in Komaki’s quest for a greener, cleaner and electric future, opting for the best Electric two-wheelers. You can visit our komaki electric scooter showroom in Nepal at Baluwatar Kathmandu.

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