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How to choose your Perfect Electric Scooter?

In the EV space of Nepal, it’s the Electric Scooters that have caught everyone’s attention. Electric scooter in Nepal, today, has been a popular choice of commutation. If you’re one among many, thinking of a better change towards the journey of Electric Nepal and thinking of Buying your first Electric Scooter, here are the key factors that you need to look out for in a perfect Electric Scooter to ensure that your buy one.


The battery is often considered a Heart of an EV, and rightfully so. The type of battery, its capacity, and its efficiency determine how far you can reach with your Electric Scooter, basically, the range of an Electric Scooter.

So, how do you choose the right Battery for your Perfect Electric Scooter?

The central question for people generally is, how much range does the scooter offer, but well, the real question should be, How much range do you really need?

Your purchase of a perfect Electric Scooter should not be based on the maximum range a scooter can provide, but on the range that you need for the commutation.

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For an instance, if you need a scooter for Daily Commutation, from your home to office and from your office to home in the Kathmandu valley, you would be good to go with a maximum range of 60-80 KM.

And if you’re someone who travels large distances every day, then you should consider something that can offer plenty of range.

Motor Power

Motor Power in EVs is very crucial because it basically determines how much power the scooter has. This affects its ability to accelerate and climb up hills. 

Motor Power with less power can be sufficient for traveling over flat ground and roads with great quality, but if you plan on going up hills and off-road regularly, you need to get yourself a Scooter with Higher Motor Power.

Considering the nature of Roads in Nepal, (Kathmandu in particular), where the nature of roads is tougher and there are many steep roads, we highly suggest considering an Electric Scooter with higher Motor Power.

electric scooter motor


Looks, no doubt, are equally important as much as its functionality before purchasing a scooter. But with that being said, looks, however, is a subjective opinion. The reason we say that is what one person likes, the other person may not like. 

So looks are completely based on your personal perspective. While choosing the look of a perfect Electric Scooter, ensure it goes well with your choice, and you’re satisfied with it. 


No matter the means of transport, the major function it should serve is great Functionality and incredible Comfort.

When it comes to the comfortability of a ride, it is not only about how the Seat feel while sitting, but there are various factors determining the overall Comfortability and Ease of the ride.

So before making a purchase, make sure to look into comfort features such as Seats, Tyres, Brakes, Additional Backrests, Suspensions, Boot Space, Leg Space, and other additional Comfort Features that you may require.

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After years of advancement in science and technology, Electric Scooters have been the mode of commutation that it is today, so no doubt, your Electric Scooter needs to be Smart.

So before purchasing an Electric Scooter, you need to look into Smart Features such as Anti-Theft Lock, Parking Assist, Wirelessly Updatable Features, Multiple Sensors, Self Diagnosis, Emergency Repair Switch, Reverse Assist, and more. 

*as per your ride requirement

So now, how do you choose your perfect Electric Scooter?

First, be clear with what you want: for what purpose do you need your Electric Scooter, what range would be sufficient for you, what type of roads do you often travel, what type of Scooter Look do you prefer, what features do you need in your Ride and more. 

After you are all clear in the head with what you want, look out for options that best suit your requirements. 

And before making a purchase, make sure you visit the showroom and book yourself a Test Ride.

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