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Komaki Electric Scooter Batteries

Komaki aims to start an EV revolution and make the very first automobile owned by everyone belonging to the new generation an electric vehicle. We are glad to inform you that all Komaki EVs use either the state-of-the-art LiFePo4 or Advanced Lithium Ion Batteries which have been admired by Komaki’s Nepali Customers.

Any EV’s main component is its battery. They are also the most expensive part of all Electric Vehicles. The electric vehicle battery technology determines its capacity, range and EV battery lifespan. Any smart Electric Vehicle consumer will learn about the various battery technologies before purchasing an EV. 


Let’s briefly look at the various batteries that are used in EVs today: 

1. Lead Acid Battery:

Lead Acid Battery has been used to provide continuous electricity to run EVs like forklifts or golf carts. They are also commonly used as automobile engine starter batteries.  Discharging lead acid batteries below 50% of their capacity shortens the EV battery life. Lead compounds in Lead Acid Batteries are extremely toxic. However, It is easier to recycle these batteries. Almost 95% of the battery content can be recycled for reuse.

Our Komaki EV Products

Introducing the innovative latest-gen Electric Scooter in Nepal.

2. Lithium Ion

 Lithium Ion batteries were initially created to be used in laptops and consumer electronics.      However,  Lithium-Ion batteries are currently dominating the EV market. Ordinary Lithium-ion batteries can be a safety hazard since they contain a flammable electrolyte and may become pressurized if they become damaged. A battery cell charged too quickly could cause a short circuit, leading to explosions and fires.


3. Advanced Lithium Ion:

Komaki Venice is currently using a new Advanced lithium-ion battery that sacrifices specific energy and specific power to provide fire resistance, environmental friendliness, rapid charging, and longer lifespans.  With their high energy density and long cycle life they have become the leading battery type for use in EVs. The advanced lithium Ion batteries used in Komaki Venice don’t have the problems which ordinary lithium Ion batteries have.

The following technologies make the advanced Lithium Ion battery better than ordinary Lithium Ion batteries:-

  1. Advanced battery management system
  2. Cell self-balancing
  3. Fuse attached to each internal cell
  4. Diagnosis via the mobile application



LiFePO4  is superior to lead-acid batteries and other lithium batteries in many ways. Longer life span, no maintenance, extremely safe, lightweight, and improved discharge, and charge efficiency are just a few of the benefits. LiFePO4 batteries are not the cheapest on the market, but due to their long life span and lack of maintenance, they are the best long-term investment you can make. Higher discharge rates needed for acceleration, lower weight, and longer life make this battery type ideal for forklifts, bicycles, electric vehicles, and electric scooter in Nepal

Komaki LYs, Komaki SE, Komaki DT 3000, and Komaki Ranger all use cutting-edge LiFePO4. Even Tesla Motors currently uses LFP batteries in certain vehicles, including its Chinese-made Standard Range Models 3 and Y, and some Model 3 units in the United States.


5. Solid-state battery :

The 20th and early 21st century developments in solid-state battery technology have caused renewed interest, especially in the context of electric vehicles. A solid-state battery is a battery technology that uses solid electrodes and a solid electrolyte, instead of the liquid or polymer gel electrolytes found in lithium-ion or lithium polymer batteries] While solid electrolytes were first discovered in the 19th century, several drawbacks prevented widespread application In the new millennium, researchers and companies in the automotive and transportation industries experienced revitalized interest in solid-state battery technologies.


 Don’t remain technologically backward any longer, buy a Komaki EV and reap the benefits of the advancement in Electric Vehicle Battery technology. You can choose from a wide range of Komaki Scooters; Komaki Venice Eco, Komaki Venice, Komaki DT 3000, Komaki LY, or an Electric Motorcycle; Komaki Ranger.




Komaki battery
Komaki battery


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