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Can EVs solve Nepal’s Air Pollution Saga?

Love is no longer in the air! It’s pollution, and we breathe the dirtiest air in the world.

The Air pollution level of Kathmandu had recently crossed the safety standards and in recent years, it has been an ongoing saga.

So what’s causing all this and making our daily lives difficult?

No doubt, there are several reasons for that, but the major reason for that is the Gas-Powered Mode of Commutation. Various researches have been conducted to confirm that vehicular emissions are the major source of air pollution in Kathmandu Valley. 

According to a study by the Department of Environment in 2017, the transport sector was the major contributor of pollutants in Kathmandu Valley and a study by the same government authority studied the Air Quality of Ratnapark and found that the level had crossed the safety standards on 38% of the days. And this number surely has gone ever since then.

Source: The Kathmandu Post


“What’s the solution then?”, you might ask.

Well, the solution has been right in front of our eyes for far too long- the Electric Mode of Commutation. 

Unlike traditional motor vehicles, electric vehicles do not run on fuel, and that is why, electric vehicles do not emit air pollutants.

Source: Onlinekhabar

However, we also understand that switching to an EV straight-away might be a confusing decision at first, but considering the Advancement of Technology in recent years and the features that Electric Vehicles of today has to offer, there’s nothing much to really worry about.

Electric Vehicles of today have to offer some incredible features such as Interactive Displays, Riding Modes, Bluetooth Connectivity, Anti-Skid Features and more. And to go along with that, they also offer Incredible Range, Power, Battery and more.

Well, we at least can now start using Electric 2-Wheelers for our Daily Commutation, so that we can spend our maximum travel with the Electric Mode of Commutation.

Let’s together have a positive impact on the Air of Kathmandu.

Switch to Electric. Switch to Komaki.

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