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Now Is The Perfect Time To Switch To EV

According to the government, by the year 2031, our country will totally shift to Electric Vehicles.  For Nepalese living in a country with massive potential for hydro-powered electricity, this decision seems very proper and expedient. Not only will EVs help curb pollution it will at the same time help reduce dependency on neighboring India for fuel. 

Currently, around 60 percent of Kathmandu’s air pollution is related to the transportation sector. A rapid increase in the number of petrol-run vehicles along with growing fossil fuel imports has worsened the country’s Air Quality.  Environmental activists have expressed outrage as hospitals are filled with people diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a lung disease linked to air pollution. A record rise in fuel prices owing to soaring inflation causing subsequent increases in fares for public transportation of up to 7.7 percent has caused massive discontent among the Nepali public. With all these factors in mind, we believe the perfect time to switch to Electric Vehicles has arrived.


Import of electric vehicles in the last five years:


Electric Vehicle
Electric Vehicle

Source: Revenue Department

If you are still hesitant to switch to an EV, these considerations will remove all your remaining doubts:


You Can Charge At Your Own Home:

With EVs, you will no longer be dependent on gas stations for refueling. All you need to do is plug in the charger and relax inside your comfortable home. No longer will you have to wait in long queues and hassle to make payments.

Our Komaki EV Products

Introducing the innovative latest-gen Electric Scooter in Nepal.

EV Range Has Increased Drastically

A Komaki EV two-wheeler now can travel up to 170 KM on a single charge.  A typical vehicle travels only 59KMs on a single day. According to these stats, you will have to charge your EV only once in 3 days. Komaki just released a few electric scooter in Nepal.  Like Komaki SE, Komaki LY, Komaki Venice, Komaki Ranger, Komaki DT 3000.


Protecting Both Environment and Human Health

Many heart and lung diseases are caused by poor air quality. Electric scooters/ Vehicles help reduce emissions of toxic fumes caused by petrol-fueled vehicles. You will contribute to better health and a greener environment simply by using an EV.  


Safe From Fuel Shortages

Frequently we hear of global fuel shortages that create panic all over the world. You can never know when and how the next fuel crisis will affect your life. With EVs, you will not have to rely on the fuel supply chain for your daily commutes.


EVs are a Lot less Noisier 

It’s not just about air pollution, EVs are a lot quieter and cause drastically less noise pollution than fossil fuel-powered vehicles. Noise pollution is a major cause of mental illnesses like anxiety and stress. Opting for EVs will lead to a calmer and more peaceful environment.

With the electric vehicle tax slashed and currently reduced, now is the opportunity to get your first EV.


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