Komaki XGT X5 : Life Changing E-Scooter for Specially Abled

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Komaki XGT X5 : Life Changing E-Scooter for Specially Abled

Scooters have always been regarded as a more comfortable alternative to motorcycles. The extra space in foot platforms, the automatic gears, enclosed engines, and comfortable seats all make scooters more loved by those who want to travel comfortably. To add to these, most of them are lightweight and have noteworthy cargo space. Also, scooters don’t require clutch deactivation or foot-shifting like most modern motorcycles. All these make scooters an ideal choice for those who find motorcycles difficult to ride. 

However, specially-abled and elderly riders may have various difficulties riding an ordinary scooter. They may find balancing two-wheelers or the hassle of parking very burdensome.

These factors may hinder such riders from leaving home as frequently as they want and lower their living standards. Not being able to travel away from home frequently and without difficulty may in fact hamper their self-esteem and cause boredom. 

Our Komaki EV Products

Introducing the innovative latest-gen Electric Scooter in Nepal.

To cater to elderly and specially-abled riders, Komaki’s XGT X5 E-Scooter with 3 Wheels is designed with more stability and for more ease. Its differential base, geared motor, and special brake levers facilitate an extra smooth ride. Reverse assist makes parking super easy and the vivid dashboard gives the Electric Scooter in Nepal an advanced look. Also, the anti-theft lock helps riders park their Komaki XGT X5 without worrying about someone stealing their ride. 

Komaki’s XGT X5 is a Mobility scooter developed for persons with restricted mobility and those who cannot walk long distances.

What a Komaki’s XGT X5 Can Do for You?

  •  Increased Independence
  • Injury Prevention
  • Keep an Active Social Life
  • Regain Your Confidence

Owning a Komaki XGT X5 will truly be life-changing for elderly and specially-abled riders. Komaki EV is delighted to be a means to bring happiness into their life in such a manner. Get a Komaki Scooter XGT X5  and improve your quality of life.

Komaki also sells other E-Scooters models in Nepal namely:

  • Komaki XGT X5
  • Komaki SE Eco

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