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Price of Electric Bikes in Nepal

In 1895 Ogden Bolton Jr. was awarded the first patents for battery-powered bicycles. Since then, electric bikes have existed for many years with their designs being affected by factors such as road conditions and speed. 

Electric bicycle costs in Nepal vary depending on the type, brand, and amenities. Many factors along with the components used affect the cost of electric bicycles. Also, heavier electric bicycles obviously cost more than regular electric bicycles.

The Range of Electric Bicycles

An electric bicycle’s cruising range is not solely determined by battery size. The electric cycle’s range is influenced by a number of variables, including the rider’s weight, the terrain, the weather, air resistance, tire tread, and tire pressure. However, electric bikes with larger batteries tend to be more widely used.

Electric Bike and Torque

The quality of the electric bicycle motor affects the torque of the vehicle. The torque produced by the motor directly correlates to the amount of support each pedal can receive. If the bicycle motor has enough torque, the rider won’t have trouble climbing the steep slope or achieving the top speed of 20 km/h.

What Is the Price of an Electric Bike?

Batteries and motors are the primary elements impacting the price of electric bicycles, along with a number of other aspects. Any model that utilizes a larger battery and can travel further will normally cost more than a model that uses a smaller battery.

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Several manufacturers design E-bikes with two batteries in order to extend the riding distance of their bicycles, these e-bikes cost more than bikes with a single battery. 

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In conclusion, We think that as technology advances, electric bikes will become more widely available and more reasonably priced. Below are the list of E-bicycles found in Nepal and their respective prices.

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Emotorad: EMotorad (EM) aims to provide cutting-edge e-bikes for adventurers, daily commuters, and casual riders at an affordable price.

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